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Re: TFT products. --> Terrain Pack.

Well, you used to be able to pick up scads of used heroscape plastic stackable hexes for cheap. But interlocking or modular thick cardstock or something would also be cool. 

Maybe something like the giant maps in the OGRE designer's edition with hex-based terrain bits you could stick on top of it. 


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On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 1:47 PM Rick <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca> wrote:
Hi all,
  I’m underwhelmed by this dungeon map and that tavern map.
I prefer to have a blank map and drop terrain on it to make fights 
that are on wildly different terrain.

  I would far rather SJG produce a kickstarter that had a whole 
bunch of brush, thorns, rocks, rough ground, trees, stream, etc. 
hexes, (plus terrain rules for them), which I could assemble in 
hundreds of different ways.

  Anyone else have strong feelings on this?

  Warm regards, Rick.

On Jul 29, 2020, at 11:36 AM, Michael White <sendtomwhite@yahoo.com> wrote:

I'm in at the $90 level too, but gnashing teeth over the $50 "tavern map".