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Re: TFT products. --> Terrain Pack.

Hi all,

I can see why you don't like the larger hexes Rick if you're using counters to play.

I switched up to HeroScape sized hexes 10-12 years ago, whenever it first came out. Mainly because from day one I've played TFT using miniatures (old minfigs to start!). And since 25mm went to 28mm, which then went to "heroic 28mm" (thanks to Games Workshop) the larger figures work so much better with the larger hexes.

SJ should follow HeroScape's lead here and make a few standardized, modular terrain packets for those of you who game with counters. Maybe they feel that once you can easily make your own encounter map setups you won't need to buy any more maps from them? I don't know, just off the top of my head speculation.

David O. Miller
Miller Design/Illustration

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Hi all, Peter.

I’ve made several hundred counters for the 1” hexes, so I likewise am not a fan of the larger hexes.

Warm regards, Rick.

> On Jul 29, 2020, at 3:35 PM, Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:
> Yeah, the dungeon maps are pretty, but I'd tend not to use a map with fixed terrain on it, being used to the GM drawing the actual terrain that represents whatever is in the gameworld, which rationally would never be a published arrangement of tunnels, or even if it was, would only be one particular place.
> Blank maps, dry erase mats, and modular terrain would seem to me much more useful and usable, yes.
> The tavern map is well done, and I'm sure people will have fun with it, but it has a similar "too specific" issue with it, though people new to the game and/or who otherwise have issues creating/finding their own tavern layouts can make use of it.
> If it were an affordable PDF, I'd buy it and make it be some specific tavern in a campaign where there was likely to be some action. Not Skargs, as I came up with a layout for Skargs in my first session of my first campaign, back in 1980.
> But I'm not really put out by it, because I can make maps myself, and I'm already not in the market for 1.5" hex maps, since I much prefer original-size 1" hex maps and counters that fit them.
> At 11:44 AM 7/29/2020, Rick wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I’m underwhelmed by this dungeon map and that tavern map.
>> I prefer to have a blank map and drop terrain on it to make fights
>> that are on wildly different terrain.
>>  I would far rather SJG produce a kickstarter that had a whole
>> bunch of brush, thorns, rocks, rough ground, trees, stream, etc.
>> hexes, (plus terrain rules for them), which I could assemble in
>> hundreds of different ways.
>>  Anyone else have strong feelings on this?
>>  Warm regards, Rick.

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