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Re: TFT products. --> Bigger hexes

Hi Peter, everyone.

	With the current counter size, I can run MASSIVE battles 
with 50 - 60 people on each side.  That said, it takes Melee / 
Wizard outside of what is easy to play.

	But an occasional huge battle is something that can happen 
in my campaign, and it would be a lot harder to play such things 
out on the larger hexes.

	I can understand the desire to make the hexes large enough 
to fit 25 mm / 28 mm figures, but I was disappointed.

	Warm regards, Rick.

> On Jul 30, 2020, at 9:02 PM, Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:
> At 03:43 PM 7/29/2020, Rick wrote:
>> Hi all, Peter.
>> I’ve made several hundred counters for the 1” hexes, so I likewise am not a fan of the larger hexes.
> Yeah, exactly. I have countless counters and other things for the original TFT/GURPS hex/counter sizes. And the new size uses massively more table space for the same amount of hexes. 
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