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Re: TFT products. --> Bigger hexes

Yes. I've done battles that large or larger on hex sheets that are not much bigger than the new Wizard mat, but at original hex-size can support several times as much battlefield.

Maps with more hexes are also useful for action that take place over a large area even without that many figures, such as chases, action with mounts, situations where the PCs don't know which direction to expect action to come from, combat with fliers, encounters that being at long-range, etc.

At 10:41 PM 7/30/2020, Rick wrote:
Hi Peter, everyone.

        With the current counter size, I can run MASSIVE battles
with 50 - 60 people on each side.  That said, it takes Melee /
Wizard outside of what is easy to play.

        But an occasional huge battle is something that can happen
in my campaign, and it would be a lot harder to play such things
out on the larger hexes.

        I can understand the desire to make the hexes large enough
to fit 25 mm / 28 mm figures, but I was disappointed.