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Re: (TFT) PDF format (was -Re: Psychohist's Adventure)

Chris Nicole <chris@loran.karoo.co.uk> wrote:
> p.s. I made my own Skirmish rules downloadable in MSWord6.0 format,
> occaisionally I get asked for an ASCII text version. Personally I think
> they look and work best in html.

For the longest time, my home network was comprised of my Sun IPX, my
Amiga 3000, and a Mac IIsi.  People would occasionally send me Word
documents, and were amazed that I had no way of reading them.  I finally
found a copy of Word 5.1 (or so) for the Mac, but had only limited success
in reading newer Word docs.  There were 3 formats I could successfully
read on all 3 platforms: ASCII text, PostScript and PDF!  (Yes, there's
a PDF reader for the Amiga out there!)

As far as I'm concerned, the only downside to PDF is that while everyone
can read and print PDF docs, not everyone can write them, since that software
costs a fair sum.

I have an open offer to anyone on this list:  if you have a document in
any format that you'd like me to convert to PDF, just mail it along.
I'm more than happy to provide that service for folks.  I now have a pretty
nice PC with a scanner, lots of software, and other goodies, so I can handle
just about all document formats you can name, including hard copies, and
convert them to PDF.

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