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Re: (TFT) PDF format (was -Re: Psychohist's Adventure)

Chris Nicole a écrit:

> 3) When I tried printing a pdf doc using European standard A4 paper and
> the page formatting goes to heck because its fixed to US 8.5" x 11" (or
> whatever).

I don't think that's a problem.  It depends on what was the original, but if
you have the Acrobat program (which I do) you can make cosmetic changes.  Also,
if you set it in A4 size in your wordprocessor and crank it out to PDF, there's
no reason why it shouldn't be in A4 in PDF.  It's like photocopying hard copy.
If your original is in 8.5x11 and your copy paper is A4...well...:-)


P.S.: I just tested it and yes, it will work as long as you use a text in A4 as
your original.

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