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Re: (TFT) The megahex quandry

Dan Tulloh a écrit:

> Yes Joe ... I was voting for an ASCII text format.  I can
> indeed run down to Kinko's to do the PDF, provided the
> files will fit onto a disk.  I've seen instances where
> PDF files have sizes of more than 1.2M - which makes it
> difficult to run down to Kinko's to print them.

Dan, I think you're confusing them with Postscript files.  I have run a 16
Meg (!) postscript file through the PDF filter to receive at the other end
a file of about 200K.  PDF files are EXTREMELY compact, which is precisely
the advantage.  They're even more compact (not by much, granted) than Word
files.  The Canadian government is going to PDF files for annual reports
and long meandering whatnots and I've yet to see one that goes over 350K.


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