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Re: (TFT) PDF format (was -Re: Psychohist's Adventure)

David Ferris wrote:
> Chris Nicole comments on the availability of TFT game stuff:
> > I would prefer it in electronic form. Though NOT 'pdf' please!
> Not to get too far off-topic, and not to get too technical, but could
> you explain why you don't want PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format? This is a
> small but important detail to me because I put some game stuff online at
> http://users.aol.com/ferns1/armour.htm and I put everything in PDF,
> since that seems to be the one format that works reasonably well for
> most people. I had terrible luck with PostScript, mostly due to
> incompatibilities, and the proprietary word processor formats (MS Word,
> Word Perfect) don't go over well with a lot of people.

Me and my big mouth (or clumsy fingers!) When I actually stop and think
about what I disliked about pdf, it really came down to a few minor
quibbles and they may be more due to my ignorance of Acrobat.

1) I get very frustrated reading a pdf document when I try scrolling
down a page with the curser keys and it flips to the next page.

2) When I use Page-Down to flip to the next page and it scoots to the
end of the document.

3) When I tried printing a pdf doc using European standard A4 paper and
the page formatting goes to heck because its fixed to US 8.5" x 11" (or

Since this point came up I've Read The 'effin Manual for Acrobat and
found out what some of those buttons do. 
I even found the printer set up. I can even copy stuff into my preferred
word processor if neccessary.

Is it too late too retract my previous comments?

I would be happy to see new or old TFT articles in almost any format,
including pdf.

Chris (the humbled)

p.s. I made my own Skirmish rules downloadable in MSWord6.0 format,
occaisionally I get asked for an ASCII text version. Personally I think
they look and work best in html.

Chris Nicole from Hull	
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