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Re: (TFT) Re: Mental abilities of controlled characters

	If the victim of the control spell had the Elven
language, running, and Bow 1 thru 3 talents, while
the wizard is controlling that figure none of those 
talents could be used.  I know that it could be argued
that the Running talent could be (all those muscles and
all), but I say that to keep things simple, the wizard
does not know them, so the controled figure doesn't.
On the other hand, the controlled figure can now 
speak Sorcerer's Tounge and knows advanced math,
and quarterstaff talent.


>I wasnt asking if the wizard could use the talent of the
>controlled character - Im asking if controlled characters
>can fully use their own talents.
>>	In my campaign the wizard can not use the 
>>talents of controled figures.  

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