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(TFT) 25mm building kit FREE - Vyllage-on-the-Cheep

The Vyllage-on-the-Cheep (tm) page at the MicroTactix web site has been 
updated with a nice picture of the prototype Vyllage. 
Vyllage-on-the-Cheep is our new line of inexpensive cardboard building 
kits, scaled for 25mm miniatures. These work great with COMPACT COMBAT, 
The Fantasy Trip, GURPS, or any man-to-man system in that scale. The kits 
themselves will be available soon. See the city gate, vyllage church, 
market square, main street, and the forboding wizard's tower high on the 
mountain overlooking the vyllage!

While you're at it, you can download the FREE Sample Set #1 (which is 
also pictured on the downloads page) for a closer look at the quality of 
these inexpensive and customizable cardboard building kits by artist Gary 
M. Williams.

The Special Edition of the COMPACT WARRIOR boardgame is also still 
available as a free download at the website. If you haven't already, 
check out what over 600 people have already started playing, and watch 
the site for news of our first print releases in the COMPACT COMBAT line.

You can get both of the free downloads at the MicroTactix web site:


Tell your friends about us so they can enjoy the free goodies, too. We 
welcome reviews in both electronic and print publications, so if you do a 
review, let us know! 

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MicroTactix Games
Get COMPACT WARRIOR Special Edition and
Vyllage-on-the-Cheep Sample Set #1 FREE at http://welcome.to/microtactix
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