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RE: (TFT) Hail Melee

On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, Gadda, Charles A wrote:

Name:			Brian Dunkle
Age:			30 on 7/10 (wondering if I'm the youngest that
played TFT when it was first out...)

City/State:		Tucson, AZ (is that really a citystate, though?)
Nearest Convention:	No idea, probably Phoenix    

TFT items owned then: 	Pretty much everything (only a few issues of
Interplay, though) - basic and advanced melee and wizard, codex,
screen, ITL, couple of other things, all microquests (and played them
all), plus 5 or 6 non-tft microgames. 

TFT items owned now:	Zilch

Do you PBM?:           	Nope, don't even play locally at this point.
Always played TFT solo, anyway.

Last updated:             7/99

* Brian Dunkle * Comp. Sys. Manager; general computer guy, networks 'n' stuff
* Division of Biomedical Communications, AHSC, Tucson AZ (much too hot)
* bdunkle@biocom.arizona.edu           http://www.biocom.arizona.edu/~bdunkle

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