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Re: (TFT) Hail Melee

My turn...

	Name:				Perry L. Holley

	Age:				31 (born 3/9/68)

	City/State:			Atlanta, GA

	Nearest Convention:		DragonCon (from which I just returned yesterday)

	TFT items owned.		Melee, Advance Melee, Wizard, Advanced Wizard, In The
Labyrinth, Tollenkar's Lair, Forest-Lords of Dihad;  I just picked up
copies of Grail Quest & Master of the Amulets at DragonCon.

	Do you PBM?:           	Occasionally.  I was playing in Rick's "In the
Thorsz's Service" PBEM, but I had to drop out, and am now merely lurking.

	Last updated:     		7/5/99

I'm a self-admitted gaming-slut, with well over a hundred different RPG
systems (not counting modules and supplements and such)... maybe as many
as 200; I haven't counted recently.  Granted, I've never gotten the
chance to *play* most of these games, but that's not the point, is it? :)
 I haven't been able to get anyone interested in TFT, but it nonetheless
is a sentimental favorite of mine.

"Standing behind the girl won't do you any good, she'll only stop 3


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