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Re: (TFT) Hail Melee

John Paul Bakshoian <shadowhex@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am impressed with what Joe Hartley has done here.  The monthly list is a 
> great history and permanent data source.  But I'm wondering, after a year, 
> is this site what you expected? 

First, thanks.  Second, no it's not, but I feel that much of what I wanted
to do with this is already done by Ty Beard at his site:
It's the best place to go for rule addendums and such.  With that excellent
resource, there's not really a need for duplication, but I just realized
that I never put the intended link to Ty's site on mine!  I'll shamefully
add it right now...  there.  (Sorry it took so long!)

> I've noticed on this site that there are a lot of people who are isolated 
> from other gamers and also that some have excess or are missing books.  Joe 
> (or whoever), is it possible to create a matrix and post it on the TFT home 
> page? 

Another project :)  Since my primary goal in setting up the website was to
get some PBEM games happening, I'll be happy to take all the profiles posted
and add them to the site.  Give me a few days to get myself together.

> And now for my contribution to The Fantasy Trip culture:
> 	Troop Movement in TFT.

This is really interesting!  I always thought that TFT's weakness was in
troop movement/combat until I got Lords of the UnderEarth.  The whole
UnderEarth thing, as I recall, was Howard's revamping of TFT to rid it of
whatever "Jacksonisms" were in it.  I don't know the details, but by the end
of Metagaming, Howard sure had an open dislike of Steve Jackson.  TFT was
close to perfect, and didn't need rewriting as a system, but LotU... was
a welcome addition of platoon fighting in a TFT-compatible way. 

Your rules come at it in a very different approach, which looks like it
would work well.  It's nice to have alternate ways to play it!

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