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(TFT) Survey

I'm forwarding this from someone having a bit of trouble with their email!
- Joe

>>>>> Forwarded message from Simon.Gladman@foodscience.afisc.csiro.au

My contrib..  not many players in Australia...

Last Name	Gladman
First Name	Simon
Country	Australia
State		Victoria
City		Melbourne
Age		29
Nearest Con	God only knows
TFT items owned then	AM, AW, ITL, Codex, few microquests, Tollenkar's.
TFT items owned now	AM, AW, ITL, Codex, few microquests, Tollenkar's, other
bits and pieces.
Do you currently play TFT	Try to weekly but usually ends up monthly or so.
				Got 3 players and a GM regular and some part timers
				as well
Do you PBM	no

We tend to use a lot of in house rules that have been developed since we
first started playing in the early 80's.  Some of the other talents that we
use are:  First Aid (v. similar to the one in digest #159)and brawling
(sort of pub fighters unarmed combat.)


Simon Gladman

Research Engineer, Cheese Technology
Food Science Australia
Private Bag 16
Werribee, Vic, AUSTRALIA 3030

Ph:  +61 3 9742 0239
Fax: +61 3 9742 0254
Email: simon.gladman@foodscience.afisc.csiro.au
ICQ: 14428554

Food Science Australia; a joint venture of CSIRO
                   and Afisc.
    Results for today; ideas for tomorrow.

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