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(TFT) Re: Hail Melee

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>I would like you all to peruse and critique two of my many home rules.<

First Aid. I like it alot, its well written and well-thought out. Actually
Craig Brown created a similar First Aid/CPR (9/1) that was published in a
Fantasy Forum article, but I think his was more for modern campaigns.

Natural Defense. I'm not sure what the point is here. It makes figures a
little harder to hit than untelligent animals, but should they be harder to

Against two humanoid figures it gives the one with the highest DX to
advantage. But dont they already have an advantage by having a higher DX? 

Why couldn't this be done with Talents instead? They'd be easier to
remember (because they dont apply to every combat) and it seems like it
would make more sense - trained fighters with DX 12 would be better than
nimble barmaids with DX 12...

Maybe I just dont get this one...

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