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(TFT) Two more home rules to peruse

The following rules came about in my group from the 1980's to make the
shield and two weapons talent somewhat realistic when it came to stopping a
hit, rather than passively stopping damage.


Rather than just stopping individual hits of damage to a character, the
shield may totally stop an attackers damage.  When a character with a shield
is attacked from a front hex, the character rolls against adjusted Dexterity
(adjDX).  If their roll was equal to or below their adjDX, the shield is hit
instead of the character.  When a shield is hit, the opponent still rolls
his damage to see if the shield is destroyed.  If the damage against the
shield is more than seven points plus whatever the shield stops passively
(ie. a +1 magic shield stops three hits plus seven means the damage against
the shield would have to exceed ten points in order to be destroyed).  Of
course, any damage that exceeds the shield being destroyed rolls over and
damages the character.

When fighting against more than one attacker, the following rule applies.
When using a shield against two opponents, the shield roll is -2 DX against
both.  When using it against three opponents, the shield roll is -4 DX
versus the trio of opponents.

On the shield block, if you roll a three, four or five the block is
automatic.  If the roll is a three or four, the shieldbearer does not have
to roll to see if the shield is destroyed.  On a roll of sixteen through
eighteen, the shieldbearer fails to block the attack.

Two Weapons Talent Change:

This talent permits a character fighting with two weapons, on his turn, to
do one of the following:

a)  attack with both weapons at adjDX for the first attack and -4DX for the
second one.  The attacks may be against the same or different figures.

b)  make a normal attack with one weapon and DEFEND, as option (1b), with
the other.  If the opponent misses the character by 4 DX points, the
character can counterattack at -6DX with the second weapon.  Example:
Attacker needs adjDX 10 to hit and rolls a 14 or better, the character with
an adjDX of 15 can attack with their secondary weapon with the adjDX of 9

c)  parry with both weapons, the opponent must roll 5d6 to hit the
character.  If the opponent misses the character by 4 DX points, the
character can counterattack at -6 DX with their main weapon.

Peruse, critique,enjoy
Yours in Cidri,

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