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(TFT) Character Fragility

The subject thread of increasing character survivability is very interesting. But, I am reminded about the one thing that initialy drew me to TFT and that was the realistic frailty of the characters. I agree that it is extremely frustrating to have your favorite 42 point character get impaled on the end of some Prootwaddle's spear but, HEY, isn't that pretty realistic?! I don't think that I am alone is saying that it was the silliness of invincibility of upper level D&D characters that made the TFT system so appealing to me in the first place. The whole idea of knowing that the next battle you got yourself into (no matter how small) could be your last has prompted more creative thinking, better problem solving, and (quite frankly) better roleplaying with TFT than with other system. Losing a character allways sucks! But TFT makes creating characters fun and fast. "So, Rikon the barbarian did'nt do very for me. Maybe I'll try Nimrod the dextrous elf who carries around a quiver of spears, disdains armor, and knows a couple of cool spells." I have found that the experimentation with different sorts of character types can be really entertaining. At the risk of sounding like a "purest" I suggest that any GM take a careful look at any added rules that make a character more survivable. The GM should be looking at two things:
1.) Does this unbalance my campaign
2.) Is the character balanced (does he pay an appropriate price somewhere else on his character sheet to gain this advantage)

Of course my myopic view won't prevent me from trying some of the really COOL rules from this forum. I'll just make sure that none of my players take advantage of them.

Bubbles (old TFT player coming to the surface after many years) Jim-

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