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Re: (TFT) Conan & Parrying or defence

On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Mack Brewer wrote:

> on the subject of parrying:
> so, basically, the player can shift up to 1/4 of his character's 
> attack roll (adj. dex + weapon skill or adjusted dex roll to hit) 
> back to defence on a round by round basis depending upon their own
> aggressiveness and how powerful their opponent looks. This just 
> represents being more cautious and more aggressively parrying their
> blows at the expense of reducing your opportunity to attack. 
> (hence the lessened attk roll)

I kind of like this idea, but what about making it simpler by 
applying the following table:

Parry Table:
                         DX Adj
    Ready Weapon    Self        Opponent
     Broadsword     -1             -2
     BattleAxe      -6             -4

The actual numbers are open to debate, but the way this system
would work is that when you use a broadsword to parry, the
attacks of your opponent are at -2DX, but your attacks suffer  
a -1DX adjustment.  BattleAxes, which are two handed weapons, may
make parrying easier (hence the -4) but are unbalanced, hence
the -6.

You may want to make the change from ready weapon to the CLASS
of the ready weapon.  The parrying table would then have an 
entry for One-Handed Sword and this entry would be used for all
Scimitars, longswords, etc.

The other alternative would be to employ the GURPS model - ie,
you make an attack roll and your opponent makes a parry roll.
This seems more realistic, but probably doesnt fit well into 
the TFT system.

Dan Tulloh

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