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Re: (TFT) Character Fragility

In a message dated 99-07-15 18:26:44 EDT, you write:

<< - I like the idea of using some sort of combat reflexes or defensive
 quickness. I'm leaning towards the idea of a talent adding a die to hit the
 person. Though the 1st level only - I found the subsequent levels sprinting
 rapidly into the absurd ... no one is that hard to hit. People who take that
 seriously have seen far too many Jackie Chan movies >>

In all fairness to the many and varied playing styles out there. This may be 
what this individual was striving for. I for one look for a more realistic 
playing style. But by the same token, I have ran games in the past with 
"naked Conans" and was looking for a less realistic approch myself. I guess 
the end result is if your suspension of reality is lost upon a nacked guy 
winning a battle. What happens when the undead start rising from their graves?

Throwing a log on the fire,
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