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(TFT) Hey its Conan!!!

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>>>>>>>What would it take to make a Conan (in loin cloth armor)
>>>>>>>in TFT?

I still think TFT is the ONLY FRP that allows you to play Conan right out
of the box by buying high ST and sword and sheild. The armor penalties will
give him a huge advantage right away. 

>>>>>>> The key to increasing our hero's survivability is to make
>>>>>>>him harder to hit.  Why have talents that have him stop 3 or 6 extra
>>>>>>>hits when you can make the spear carrier miss you altogether.

Remember that armor penalties DO make you harder to hit! They reduce the
attackers' chance of hitting you. 

>>>>>>>The key phrase there is 'spear carrier'.  PC's should
>>>>>>>still be able to slaughter each other and capable well crafted NPC's
>>>>>>>should still be a threat, but the city gaurds should have a tough
>>>>>>>time against our hero.

A GM-friend of mine just tried to run a very anime/cinimatic game of GURPS
using an Advantage they found on the internet called "Badass". This
advantage basically made you a movie action hero. You could "automatically"
defeat hordes of 'spear-carrier/thugs' just by describing the action. If
your description/story was good enough, the GM gave you an automatic win
for each combatant if you came up with an interesting description of the

When you went up against a regular 'villian/henchmen' you went back into
normal GURPS combat. 

This was GURPS arbitrary way of dividing PCs and 'city guards'. 

It was an interesting way to look at it, and it definitely promoted more
'story-telling' in fights. Noone thought it worked very well however. Too
binary. You either won automatically, or you were a craven snivling coward
(the only way to survive in GURPS combat normally). 

>>>>>>>>>I've just realized I've run out of steam.  

But some interesting thoughts and I look forward to seeing you come up with
some option rules that work!


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