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(TFT) On the subject of quickness/defense

Charles wrote:

<Also, game balance suffers when rules like that become used. Again, its a
matter of perspective: what kind of campaign do you want? Personally, since
I've tried to deal with all powerful D&D characters and found it to be less
than enjoyable (not impossible, but difficult to plan and execute properly)
I am less than enthused about changes to TFT that essentially turn it into a
streamlined version of D&D. The one level of Defensive Quickness I could
handle; I envision it as a sort of "Zen" ability that combines quickness
with intuition (reflected in the 14 IQ of the talent) to anticipate and
dodge your opponents. But when you start talking about people with DX 32 and
needing 9 dice to hit them ... that's a bit ***much***. And from a game
balance stand point, it becomes very difficult to devise encounters that
will be meaningful. Further, you have the same potential problem with player
characters running amuck that you do in D&D.>

Agreed, the funny thing is that talent won 1st place in Interplay 8 for a
new talent.  No wonder it was the last Interplay.  I don't ever think we
will come to any full agreement on the subject of parrying and defense as we
all have our own opinions.  But, a big BUT,  keep those opinions coming
because I know that I have dumped some of my house rules because of them.
Examples being Morris' Character creation point system, Ty's Expert Swordman
talent, Brewer's adjST, and the negative adjDX parry system that has been
written up on the list by many people.

Although I would be interested, who amongst us would have time to GM a PbEM

Yours in Cidri

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