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(TFT) Bone to pick with rolling to miss

The rules would have it that when you're rolling to miss, you get
the normal critical miss results on a 17 or 18, and x2 / x3 damage 
(on the person you're trying to miss) on a 16 or 15.  In other 
words, they've basically "stacked" the normal critical miss and hit 
results at the upper end of the 3-18 scale.   As this is on a bell 
curve, however, it means you're about four times more likely to get 
extra damage on someone you're trying to miss than someone you're 
trying to hit.  Maybe I'm alone in this, but I find that fairly 
outrageous. (And no, not because it happened to me personally!)

My solution is to count a roll of 18 as a 50/50 chance of either a
normal critical miss or of triple damage, and likewise for double 
damage and a roll 17.  16 is just an automatic hit on the slob you
were trying to miss.

Any comments?

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