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(TFT) TFT: Summon vs. Illusion

Daniel Tulloh wrote . . .

>Actually, I think that article actually INCREASES the angst that Dave
>mentions.  With the addition of the summoning spells the article
>mentions, it is now possible to actually summon a Cidri Octopus armed
>to the teeth (beak/tentacles?).

   Yep, you're absolutely right.  I must have mis-remembered that article.
I /still/ don't like it, but I'll have to look at it again..  Thanks for
setting me straight.  8^)

   Here's a new talent to chew on:

SLING (1): This talent allows a character to use any
   sling or sling staff normally in combat.  (The Bow
   talent includes this talent; Sling is for people (such
   as hobbits) who just want to use a sling and not a
   bow as well.)

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