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RE: (TFT) TFT: Summon vs. Illusion

Actually, I've always had a separate talent for sling, as below, and a
separate talent for bow. The two are rather dissimilar weapons, both in
projectile type and method of firing. The only similarity is the fact that
they use missile, rather than thrown, rules, but, if that be the only
criteria, why not include crossbows as well?

Another suggestion: the sling talent should mention the fact that knowing it
allows you to build slings as well (they are fairly simple to make). Bows
should probably have a separate "Boyer/Fletcher" type of skill, as below,
for building (it is an involved art - even simple one piece or "self" bows
require a surprising attention to detail and there are alot of subtlties to

IQ9 BOWYER/FLETCHER (2). Ability to make bows and arrows provided the right
tools and raw materials are at hand. An attempt to build a fine bow requires
a 4 dice skill check (in addition to high quality materials). Note that
arrowheads require ARMOURER to make. Crossbows are built under the
MECHANICIAN talent (q.v.)
And, as a bonus, here's another:

IQ8 FLINTKNAPPING (2). Ability to make stone cutting tools and weapons. This
skill is very useful in Ice Age settings and the like. Neanderthals
obviously have this skill. Roll 3 dice vs. DX +IQ to make simple stone
implements, such as spear heads and the like. Roll 4 dice for finer
implements, such as arrowheads, and 5 dice to construct really fine work,
such as microlith artifacts and other very skilled work.

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> Daniel Tulloh wrote . . .
> >Actually, I think that article actually INCREASES the angst that Dave
> >mentions.  With the addition of the summoning spells the article
> >mentions, it is now possible to actually summon a Cidri Octopus armed
> >to the teeth (beak/tentacles?).
>    Yep, you're absolutely right.  I must have mis-remembered that article.
> I /still/ don't like it, but I'll have to look at it again..  Thanks for
> setting me straight.  8^)
>    Here's a new talent to chew on:
> SLING (1): This talent allows a character to use any
>    sling or sling staff normally in combat.  (The Bow
>    talent includes this talent; Sling is for people (such
>    as hobbits) who just want to use a sling and not a
>    bow as well.)
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