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RE: (TFT) TFT: Summon vs. Illusion

>IQ9 BOWYER/FLETCHER (2). Ability to make bows and arrows provided the right
>tools and raw materials are at hand. An attempt to build a fine bow requires
>a 4 dice skill check (in addition to high quality materials). Note that
>arrowheads require ARMOURER to make. Crossbows are built under the
>MECHANICIAN talent (q.v.)
>And, as a bonus, here's another:
>IQ8 FLINTKNAPPING (2). Ability to make stone cutting tools and weapons. This
>skill is very useful in Ice Age settings and the like. Neanderthals
>obviously have this skill. Roll 3 dice vs. DX +IQ to make simple stone
>implements, such as spear heads and the like. Roll 4 dice for finer
>implements, such as arrowheads, and 5 dice to construct really fine work,
>such as microlith artifacts and other very skilled work.

	Thanks, I'll add these to my list of talents.


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