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Re: (TFT) Conan & Parrying or defence

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The other alternative would be to employ the GURPS model - ie,
you make an attack roll and your opponent makes a parry roll.
This seems more realistic, but probably doesnt fit well into 
the TFT system.

Dan Tulloh

Please no! This GURPS rule (in my opinion) is terrible for the following

Not only doesn't it fit, it doubles the amount of dice rolls you need to
make in combat, making combat longer for not much more fun.  

Plus it's terribly unbalanced. An even slightly less capable fighter (lower
adjDX) is hopelessly outmatched. Basically his slight disadvantage is
doubly against him because the number of rolls (to-hit and to-parry) are

It also terribly unbalanced if you are the very closely matched - combat
will essentially take forever as you both make and miss roughly the same
number of rolls - again making combat last much longer for not much more

I have to second the guy who said please think twice before you insert a
rule. One of the advantages of TFT is it's minimalism. It's rules-light AND
the rules are well-balanced. 

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