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Re: (TFT) Cheaper Talents

At 10:45 PM -0800 7/16/99, Pasha and or Rick Smith wrote:
Hi Justin,

	In most TFT campaigns I've heard about the GM has
made some change to make getting talents a little easier.  I must
say, that your version has more flavor than most.

	I eventially bit the bullet and rewrote the talents list
(making many more talents) and about halved the cost of most
talents. (Also people can buy memory superscripts so this allows
them to get more talents and a few very expensive specialized

	I would like to do a quick survey for people on this
mailing list:

	When you were GM'ing, did you have a way of
making talents cheaper / ways for people to get more talents?

I'll answer for my brother since he does not read this list and the answer is basically no. I found with him GM'ing that the balance between the time I got those extra IQ points versus the time to learn new skills was fine. I believe he did it all standard ITL, the player states which skill he is starting to learn before he actually has the IQ points, I think it was two or three skills, than after some number of weeks (10?) if the PC has the IQ points he can begin to use that skill.


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