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(TFT) Cheaper Talents

Hi Justin,

	In most TFT campaigns I've heard about the GM has
made some change to make getting talents a little easier.  I must
say, that your version has more flavor than most.

	I eventially bit the bullet and rewrote the talents list
(making many more talents) and about halved the cost of most
talents. (Also people can buy memory superscripts so this allows
them to get more talents and a few very expensive specialized

	I would like to do a quick survey for people on this
mailing list:

	When you were GM'ing, did you have a way of 
making talents cheaper / ways for people to get more talents?

	If you did have a way, give a quick (1 or 2 sentence)
summary of the theory behind how it works.  

	Ideal curiosity only:  Thanks in advance for any 


>In order to gain any benefits from the talents below the character must have
>the IQ needed for the talent.
>SOCIAL LEVEL                                            CLASS MULTIPLIER
>3-4) slave/barbarian                                       x1 (stolen)
>5-6) peasant                                                    x5
>7-10)  commoner                                            x10
>11-13) townsman                                            x20
>14-15) tradesman                                           x40
>16)  landholder                                                x60
>17)  lesser noble                                              x100
>18)  noble                                                        x200
>2)  gambler                    divide by 5
>3)  spendthrift                divide by 3
>4-5)  big spender          divide by 2
>6-8)  normal                    None
>9-10)  thrifty                    Xs 2
>11)  cheap                      Xs 3
>12)  thief/greedy            Xs 5
>Now each different class gives different advantages in either free or low
>cost talents and possible free equipment.

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