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(TFT) Re: Crazy Egor's

> Dave Seagraves wrote:
> > 
> >    Last week I order three TFT items from Crazy Egor's, and yesterday they
> > arrived.  I paid $33.60 for Death Test 1, Death Test 2, and Security
> > Station -- not too bad.

	I ordered DT1, Melee, and Sec. Station; I received DT1, Melee, and
Dimension Demons yesterday. 
	So your mileage may vary. 
	(Sent email, haven't heard back yet.)

* Brian Dunkle * Comp. Sys. Manager; general computer guy, networks 'n' stuff
* Division of Biomedical Communications, AHSC, Tucson AZ (much too hot)
* bdunkle@biocom.arizona.edu           http://www.biocom.arizona.edu/~bdunkle

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