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(TFT) Rick's survey

When you were GM'ing, did you have a way of
making talents cheaper / ways for people to get more talents?
If you did have a way, give a quick (1 or 2 sentence)
summary of the theory behind how it works.

Just what I wrote about PRIOR EXPERIENCE on the list.  Morris' character
creation points seem good.  A 32-point character I created with the system
ended up with twelve talents to begin with; whereas, a normal 32-point
fighter of lets say ST 11 DX  12  IQ  9 would begin with maybe 5 to 9
talents, according to how they spent their IQ points.
This system seems realistic, as most of us, I am sure, use at least five of
our own talents each day.  What do you think?

Yours in Cidri

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