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(TFT) TFT: Death Test

The Maverick writes . . .

>Which edition was Death Test 1?  (If you aren't sure, is it boxed or
>bagged, and if bagged, what color is the text on the back of the
>rulebook?)  Thanks!

   Hey Mav.  It's third edition . . .  says so right on the booklet cover.
Boxed --  very fine condition too -- with a poly bag on the inside to seal
in the freshness.  The box even included a little "microdie" -- very cute.
   Steve Jackson was /not/ credited.  You're so clever, Howard.
   Why do you ask?
   I recently purchased six microquests: DT1, DT2, GQ, ORB, MOA, and SS.
Grail Quest was even shrink-wrapped.  Opening each one was like opening a
time capsule from my earlier youth; like going up into the attic and finding
all my cassette tapes I had made from LP's years ago.

   About time for another spell . . .

DEFLECT MISSILES (T): This is a weaker form of the
   Reverse Missiles spell.  Instead of flying towards the
   attacker, the attack is harmlessly deflected away from
   the subject.  All physical attacks affected in this way
   land on the ground one hex away from the subject in a
   random direction.  Note that this spell doesn?t do much
   good against certain types of attacks, such as molotails,
   summoning gems, and grenades!  Cost: 1 ST, plus 1
   each turn it is maintained.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"Well, uh . . .  then I dare you to cross /this/ line!"

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