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(TFT) Rick's survey

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>This system seems realistic, as most of us, I am sure, use at least five
our own talents each day.  What do you think?

Yours in Cidri

I don't think that TFT Talents are the same as Skills. I think most people
get buy (in TFT terms) on their 'defaults'. Most of the time (the five
times a day you mention) we're in no-roll-needed or 2/DX or 3/IQ
situations. Situations where being talented isn't necessary.

I've always liked that I didn't have to buy every piddling little skill in
TFT - only the important ones that I'm 'especially' good at. 

Lets see, Literacy, Typing, Computers, Driving.....hmm... I think that
covers the things I would need for day to day life in modern TFT. That
could be done by a 24-pt "mundane". 


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