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Re: (TFT) Rick's survey

On the vein that Jason & Michael are following (see below) I have a little story. Back in college I had a friend who thought that he would build up a character sheet of himself using TFT talents. His depiction of himself had about 10 skills (no spells though) and his point level was well over 75!!! The rest of us in the group thought that this was a little conceited, but had to agree that a college level modern day person would be a super hero, in some senses, in Cidri. I think Michael is absolutely right in saying that there are "invisible" or "default" skills that were not ment to be in the system lest they burden playability. That is why there are neat add on rules out there to show those skills that are embedded. Lets face it, there are sometimes when your character needs to show that he can eat with a spoon rather than with his hands like his barbarian friend!

Character has the ability to use a fork and spoon in a meal situation. For table knife default to KNIFE (IQ7) talent. May also use this talent to set a table using eating utensils. Note: folding paper napkins into swans falls under COURTLY GRACES.

Also on this vein; just for kicks my friends and I got together in a bar when another friend had his first child. The resulting list of talents and spells that we came up for "Parenthood" and "Marriage" are hilarious! I will post these soon, when I can dig them out of my files. If anyone else has created such alternate lists, I think we all would enjoy them. It was also mandatory in this group to make up character sheets of the groom & bride, and present them, when anyone in the group got married. This was to give each of them the "true measure" of the other's character.

Hairball ( old TFT player regurtitated)

Justin & Michael write:
>This system seems realistic, as most of us, I am sure, use at least five
our own talents each day.  What do you think?

Yours in Cidri

I don't think that TFT Talents are the same as Skills. I think most people
get buy (in TFT terms) on their 'defaults'. Most of the time (the five
times a day you mention) we're in no-roll-needed or 2/DX or 3/IQ
situations. Situations where being talented isn't necessary.

I've always liked that I didn't have to buy every piddling little skill in
TFT - only the important ones that I'm 'especially' good at.

Lets see, Literacy, Typing, Computers, Driving.....hmm... I think that
covers the things I would need for day to day life in modern TFT. That
could be done by a 24-pt "mundane".


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