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(TFT) Forget comparison

I wrote:

A 32-point character I created with the system
ended up with twelve talents to begin with; whereas, a normal 32-point
fighter of lets say ST 11 DX  12  IQ  9 would begin with maybe 5 to 9
talents, according to how they spent their IQ points.
This system seems realistic, as most of us, I am sure, use at least five of
our own talents each day.  What do you think?>>>>>

Michael wrote:

I don't think that TFT Talents are the same as Skills. I think most people
get buy (in TFT terms) on their 'defaults'. Most of the time (the five
times a day you mention) we're in no-roll-needed or 2/DX or 3/IQ
situations. Situations where being talented isn't necessary.
I've always liked that I didn't have to buy every piddling little skill in
TFT - only the important ones that I'm 'especially' good at.
Lets see, Literacy, Typing, Computers, Driving.....hmm... I think that
covers the things I would need for day to day life in modern TFT. That
could be done by a 24-pt "mundane". >>>>

The key point was an answer to Rick's survey.  I agree with what you say
and the game would get more complicated.  This is the BEAUTY of TFT its
simplicity.  I may have used the wrong comparison but then again put
Benjamin Franklin behind the wheel of your car or in front of your computer
and see what happens!!!???

The question from Rick was:

When you were GM'ing, did you have a way of
making talents cheaper / ways for people to get more talents?
If you did have a way, give a quick (1 or 2 sentence)
summary of the theory behind how it works.>>>

Without the comparison the question was, or should have been:
"What do you think of Andrew Morris' system for character creation?"
I see it as allowing a character to have more beginning talents.

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