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(TFT) Human Kevlar

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>>New Talents
>Combat Deftness I (2):  This talent represents the adroitness in
>combat gained by years of experience.  A character when attacked
>becomes -1DX to hit because of an ability to naturally bob and
>weave when in combat.  Prerequisite:  DX of 14 or better.

        This is OK for those who feel Warrior/Veteran *stops* a lot
        of points or that a Dex base defense makes more sense.

>IQ 11:
Combat Deftness II (2): A higher level of skill.  A character
>with this talent subtracts 2 DX from any attack against him/her
>in combat.  Prerequisite:  Combat Deftness I<

Who would buy these? Sheild talent seems alot more useful for much less
points. These seem a little high priced for their effectiveness....IMHO.

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