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Charles states,

However, I do find the idea of an adjusted IQ to be a good one, so
that people can accumulate a wide range of skills without having to build up
Einstein level intelligences. While IQ may not exactly correspond with "IQ"
(as in the tests you can take for fun and amusement) a really high IQ does
give other advantages besides more talents and spells, in terms of

I believe the characteristic IQ is related to a level general learning
experiences in life or how "talented"  or skilled a person is, and not about
inate intelligence.  Intelligence does not make the man or woman; it's the
experience first and then the ability to remember and act on that
experience.  The second part is where intelligence comes in.  Also how many
of us know very intelligent (high IQ) people who do not have a lick of
common sense.

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