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Re: (TFT) IQ

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, grabowski wrote:

> I believe the characteristic IQ is related to a level general 
> learning experiences in life or how "talented" or skilled a 
> person is, and not about inate intelligence.  

I have to disagree here.  I think the IQ rating does in some
ways refer to innate intelligence, otherwise what would be
the rationale for forcing a character to have a certain level
of IQ in order to be able to learn a talent?

> Intelligence does not make the man or woman; it's the
> experience first and then the ability to remember and act on 
> that experience.  The second part is where intelligence comes 
> in.

Also have to disagree here - this argument seems more related
to knowledge than intelligence.  Certainly a character with a
high IQ rating ought to be able to learn faster and retain 
more than a character with a lower rating.

What I propose is a "tada!!!" table.  Characters with higher
IQs should get more 'knowledge' points to spend on talents
and/or skills.  Knowledge points should increase exponentially
as the level of IQ rises.  Of course, this may have racial 
limits - its hard to believe that a merman could blacksmithing
without some sort of unusual circumstances coming into play.

I havent dreamed up some kind of a formula yet (that might
make for an interesting diversion one night), but an example 
of this table might look like:

                IQ             Knowledge Points
                 6                     4
                 8                     7
                10                    10
                12                    13
                14                    17
                16                    21
                18                    25

    and so on

This sort of scheme would give more intelligent characters 
a chance to learn more skills or become more intimately 
familiar with skills with they already know without the 
need to have "Einsteinian" IQs.

> Also how many of us know very intelligent (high IQ) people 
> who do not have a lick of common sense.

Seems to me that this could be best represented in TFT as a 
1, 2 or 3 point disadvantage depending on how severe your
lack of common sense is.

Dan Tulloh

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