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Re: (TFT) IQ TaDa table

	Hi all, Dan.

	In response to the TaDa table post...

	If you feel that people are not getting enough talents 
the very first fix should be to lower the costs of talents and allow 
talents that cost 1/2 of a memory point.  I strongly feel that
many talents are over priced.  This change would fix the problem
with NO rule changes.

	A question to those who are experts in copywrite
law:  Would publicly posting a list of talent names, and memory 
costs with out the talent descriptions violate copywrite? Or 
would this fall under 'fair use'?

	I feel uneasy about people getting 'memory points' or
'knowledge points' with out having to pay for them some how.
The system below penalizes dumb characters, and rewards 
the smart ones.  I dislike that idea because with only 3 ways
for basic TFT characters to develop, there is already too much
of the "all powerful characters tend to feel the same" problem.
I LIKE having a few dumb characters in a party, it makes a 
better contrast than everyone feeling they have to get at least
a 12 (or 14 or 16) IQ.

	If you did want to punish dumb characters, a more
mechnically simple system would be to raise the price of some
low IQ talents (people with IQ 8 actually get fewer memory
points to play with than 8 points). To reward high IQ figures
lower the memory cost of the high IQ talents.

	If you want a formula to built the table below, try
	Knowledge Points (for a given IQ) =
	( (IQ - 2) * (3/2) ) + CeilingFunction(IQ/12)

	I don't see a simpler formula that reproduces it.

( By ceiling function I mean round up to the nearest 
integer what ever is in the parenthises following...)


>What I propose is a "tada!!!" table.  Characters with higher
>IQs should get more 'knowledge' points to spend on talents
>and/or skills.  Knowledge points should increase exponentially
>as the level of IQ rises.  Of course, this may have racial 
>limits - its hard to believe that a merman could blacksmithing
>without some sort of unusual circumstances coming into play.
>I havent dreamed up some kind of a formula yet (that might
>make for an interesting diversion one night), but an example 
>of this table might look like:
>                IQ             Knowledge Points
>                 6                     4
>                 8                     7
>                10                    10
>                12                    13
>                14                    17
>                16                    21
>                18                    25
>    and so on
>Dan Tulloh

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