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Re: (TFT) IQ

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, stan rydzewski wrote:

> With adjIQ, you can spend XP to increase your IQ as before, or
> you can spend XP to buy adjIQ.  The cost of two points of adjIQ
> is the same as one point of IQ.  adjIQ is used only for purposes
> of determining how many points worth of talents you can learn.
> IQ rolls and the IQ limit of the talents, use your normal IQ. 

Ok ... I think we are approaching the same idea from different
directions.  The only thing I don't like about the adjIQ idea
is that the initial level of knowledge points is limited, but
maybe thats a good thing, I dunno.

To ramble further, I believe that increasing your initial stats
should be very difficult.  Certain talents should give you a
benefit as result of side effects: Acrobatics may give you a 
+1DX, Unarmed Combat I a +1ST etc. due to the type of training
that is involved. 

The benefits to intelligence from studying 'intellectual'
subjects are harder to quantify though.  Does studying to be a
Mathematician or a Physicker make it easier to pick up Alchemy
or something?  My gut feel is no.

Dan Tulloh

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