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Re: (TFT) IQ

Daniel Tulloh wrote:
> One of the problems with an adjIQ concept is the tests that
> are made against IQ ... such as a 4D roll vs IQ to notice
> a trap, solve the puzzle or whatever.  Such tests should be
> made against a characters base IQ but modified according to
> what skills they have.

Well...I believe that would work the same way with either of
the systems, really.
> The idea of knowledge points that I just dreamed up is that
> more intelligent characters get to learn either a wider
> variety of skills or, by purchasing a talent more than once,
> gain a deeper knowledge of skills than was previously
> possible.  They would, however, still be limited when
> confronted with new situations (due to unchanged IQ score).

> On the other hand, maybe I'm the one who is missing the
> point!  Been known to happen before ...

Well, let me say what *my* understanding of adjIQ is, and you

With adjIQ, you can spend XP to increase your IQ as before, or
you can spend XP to buy adjIQ.  The cost of two points of adjIQ
is the same as one point of IQ.  adjIQ is used only for purposes
of determining how many points worth of talents you can learn.
IQ rolls and the IQ limit of the talents, use your normal IQ. 

I *think* this is really very close to the tada! system, with 
the exceptions noted in my previous e-mail.

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