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Re: (TFT) Attributes: 4 viewpoints

From: "grabowski" <grabowski@erols.com>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Attributes: 4 viewpoints

>The group has had some great suggestions on talents and attributes. > >There seems to be about four viewpoints on creating TFT characters:
>a)  3 attributes are fine the way they are.
>b)  3 attributes are fine, but IQ/Talents are lacking.
>c)  3 attributes are good, but I want to adjust them.
>d)  4 or more attributes are needed.
Which combination do you prefer? I still like Andrew's system which
allows for more starting talents and along with it to create a more
realistic wizard with Michael's solution from Howard Trump's article in the Fantasy Forum.

The reason for editing all these creation styles into a single post was to see the variety, differences and similarities between them. Andrew's is good (version B, though my groupings may be a bit arbitrary), with many players supporting it, but I like version C better, with a combination of some others thrown in. But you'll have to wait two weeks before I can explain the whys and whats. It's off to WDW to work for awhile. (And it ain't no joy going to 90^ weather, 90% humidity and thunderstorms).

By the way, does anyone know how we can post Howard Trump's article in the Fantasy Forum (no copyright violations please). I haven't seen it and it sounds intriguing.

Dave 30 July writes:

I mostly agree with this.  Realism is nice, but I quickly reach
a point where the rules are too complicated -- or the rules are
changed too much -- for those rules to become unplayable (IMO) or it's just not TFT anymore. GURPS is a good example -- too many bloody exceptions, and too many separate types of mechanics to cover all the exceptions (or so it seems).
TFT is a really nice little RPG, and not much really needs to be
changed about it. However, if you /were/ thinking of making changes, they would probably fit into one or more of these categories . . .

1. Clarify the existing rules.
2. Make the game more fun to play.
3. Make the game more realistic.
4. Make the game easier to play.

Nothing personal, guys, but some of the material I've seen on the list I wouldn't care to use in either of my TFT campaigns. Most of these changes do increase realism, but I feel the complication and/or degree of change to the game is not worth it. TFT is a pretty tightly designed game, and -- in general -- the more you change its basic mechanics the worse it gets. Continue adding optional rules to TFT and you'll eventually end up with something like GURPS . . . or worse!
I think the best new rules for TFT could best be described as
"plug-ins" -- rules that don't touch the basic design of the game,
but ones that simply attach to it, such as new Talents, Spells, Jobs, other Long-Term Tasks, Equipment, Monsters, and Magic Items.
Other good plug-ins are rules that attach to the basic game /
mechanics/ to improve them without changing the underlying rules,
such as my AdjIQ Rule. Plug-ins are individually optional from player to player -- one player who hates my AdjIQ Rule can simply ignore it and never increase his adjIQ, while the other players are still free to use and enjoy it if they wish.
In my campaign ground rules I /have/ made a few changes to the basic structure of TFT, but they are all ones that -- in my opinion and proven with playtesting -- they substantially improve the game in one way or another. This is especially true in the few places where the rules needed clarifying anyway. Example: I
changed the range modifiers for ranged attacks because (a) the two
sections for range mods. in /Advanced Melee/partially contradict each other, and (b) I wanted more realistic accuracy penalties.

I agree with this for the most part. I'll have more on this too when I get back.

Its been a month since I suggested the Player Roster. Quite a few names have gone into it. Have you added your name yet? *toot-tooot*

Its also amazing how many e-mails hit this month. It's the highest ever. May there continue to be a flourish of enthusiasm for THE FANTASY TRIP. It may take me a week just to read whats been posted while I'm gone.

John Paul

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