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(TFT) Starleader: Assault

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Michael writes:

See Starleader: Assault from Metagaming for a very interesting re-thinking
of basic TFT combat.>>>>

Can you paraphrase how this is done?

Yours in Cidri,

Sure, it's quite cool actually and from some things Steve Jackson has
written about GURPS it seems like the direction TFT was heading in.

It's very similar to TFT combat except that it's an Action Point system.
Each character has 8 AP to do their actions (I personally allow 1 AP per
point of adjDX for a more cinematic feel). You must use ALL your Action
Points in one turn so you don't have to do any bookkeeping thoughout the
turn, but because every 'action' costs AP you can perform them in any
order. So you can move, turn, fire, etc. without the 'herky-jerky-stop-go'
action of normal TFT and GURPS. 

Movement costs 1 AP/hex (some other variations as well)
Handle Object (ready weapon) costs 1 AP
Dodging (-2 to be hit) costs 2 AP 
Weapon Fire costs 4 AP
Snap Fire (-6 adjDX) costs 2 AP
Counter Fire (-3 adjDX) costs 2 AP and allows you to 'return fire' at ANY
time. So you can even interrupt other action without having to keep a
running total of Action Points.

Basically that's all there is to it. I like the flexibility it gives you in
deciding how to combine movement and attack, and I've written an expanded
version of it as 'house-rules' for TFT Traveller. 

Another nice thing is that it's really easy to add addtional "Actions"
without having to worry about how it will interact with the other options.
You set the AP cost, and then nothing 'interferes' with the other actions
as it would if you added addtional options to normal TFT combat.

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