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(TFT) IQ vs. Learning

None of the suggestions for learning talents and spells quite seems to come
close to the idea I liked best - changing the three attributes to six.  This
was the system described in the "Modest Proposal for TFT" article that was
in Different Worlds a long time back.

Part of what I liked was that IQ was split into IQ (= reasoning / learning
ability) and Learning (= what was known).  Thus, you could have an IQ 8, LN
12 character, slow-thinking but with plenty of practical knowledge, or an IQ
12, LN 8 character, quite bright but with only a limited number of talents.

Not only did this system feel more like the way the world really works, it
did away with the need for my least-favorite TFT rule - Forgetting Spells
and Talents.  Within TFT Forgetting worked, but it was transparently,
obviously a game rule to make the system work.

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