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(TFT) I knew this guy

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> >>>>>>> He insisted he didn't care and that he was just digging. 
> >>>>>>>  I gave everyone else a turn.  I asked his action and then told
him how 
> >>>>>>>deep he had dug.  I gave everyone else a turn and they sensed that
> >>>>>>>could still get an adventure out of me, so they struck off out of

This certainly seems like the fairest and smartest way of handling this. 

> >>>>>>>The only other time when a Game Master has a chance 
> >>>>>>>to be obviously fair and impartial is when two player character's
try to 
> >>>>>>>kill each other and the Game Master lets them.  He checks their
> >>>>>>>sheets to make sure that the weapons they are using are actually
> >>>>>>>down, and they aren't trying to cheat.
> >>>>>>>David Michael Grouchy II

I'm curious about handling this situation, however. The problem with this
situation is that rarely are the characters evenly matched. The toughest
one is probably going to win. PCs get tough pretty fast, and its rare that
they all get tough at the same time and then decide to go face-to-face with
each other. Usually it's a middle-of-the-night backstab or an obvious

The GM can hardly be said to be being fair in this case - he KNOWS how it's
going to come out, just as if he created a bruiser NPC to throw against the

Also, one of the players (the one most likely to get killed) is probably
not having very much fun. So an "impartial" GM is this case, would be a
lousy GM. The first job of a GM is to make sure that everyone is having

Personally, I would say that one of the players isn't roleplaying and talk
to him as a player. The underlying assumption of a "party" is that no
matter how much they disagree or hate each other - they don't kill each
other. The adventure-based literature and movies these games emulate simply
don't have members of the same 'party' killing each other. 

What do the rest think?


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