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Re: (TFT) I knew this guy

that's why I'm trying to make a gazetteer as big & well-rounded as possible
(to account for all possibilities). However a GM is able to steer players
gently at times.

Party: We go down the sewers!
Town Guard: Hey! be careful down there, there's rumours of BIG dragons
Party: We go down anyway!!

(a while later...)

a 14-hex dragon appears......

Party: ooops....

I agree that freedom to choose actions is great, if the GM has a few
labyrinths and floats a few rumours and the party says, right we'll go here
or buy a castle with our winnings here etc. But being so completely
oppositional is hard to understand (well, as a psychiatrist, clinically
it's not hard to understand really but that's another story), why bother to
GM players who are that difficult??


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