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(TFT) Re: I knew this guy

Michael stated about the Field Marshall's (a pun that you have probably
heard before) reference to a game he played in,

<<<Personally, I would say that one of the players isn't roleplaying and
to him as a player. The underlying assumption of a "party" is that no
matter how much they disagree or hate each other - they don't kill each
other. The adventure-based literature and movies these games emulate simply
don't have members of the same 'party' killing each other.

What do the rest think?>>>

Totally agree!!!  If I had a player like this he wouldn't be a player that I
would invite a second time.  This is a person who just wants to spoil a RPG
experience for other players.  The good thing is that David (excellent job
Mr. Grouchy) just continued playing around that players obnoxiousness until
hopefully that person gave up the ghost and either left or fell in line with
the rest of the players.  This reminds me of what Tom Snyder did to Gary
Gygax on his Late Show back in the 70s when discussing the new-born
popularity of D&D.
Gygax:  You come to a door what do you do?
Snyder:  I knock!  Ha! Ha!

In trying to explain the game, Snyder just made fun of it!
Then again how many of us can say the same thing happens to us when we
mention to someone we play RPG's, especially one titled The Fantasy Trip.

Yours in Cidri,

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