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Something in John Paul's recent post reminded me of an issue that's
always bothered me about Melee:

>3)  I shorten action order to MAGIC AND MISSILES GO FIRST.  It
>    may not be fair to some, but you as GM have to keep 20 players
>    hopping and this has helped me not get into arguments with
>    players stalling as they recalculate the next bow target, etc.
>    Second bow shots go after all else is done.

The annoying thing this brought to mind is Melee's "charging 
polearms go first" rule.  The idea, I would imagine, is that 
the longer reach of the polearm allows it to go first.  I'll 
buy it when the polearm-wielder is charging a tiger or some 
clown with a shortsword, but what if he's attacking someone 
that's using a bow, thrown weapon, or ranged spell attack?  
How does the polearm's length matter there?  Or, more accurately,
why doesn't the even greater effective length of these ranged 
attacks allow them to go even before the polearms?

I think that what might be better than advancing all manner of 
non-HtH weapons into their own phase would be to modify the
"polearms go first" rule to say that the polearm advantage 
doesn't come into play against opponets with polearms OR ranged 

Anyone see any problems with that?

(Not intended as a critique of John Paul's mass minatures 
system--I'm talking about standard Melee here.)


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