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Re: (TFT) Test of general MELEE knowledge, NUMBER IV

At 02:24 AM 3/23/2004, you wrote:

* In the first place, o3's first attempted movement would require an MA of 12. It costs an extra movement point to pass a hex with a fallen figure in it. Perhaps he has no armor and the Running talent.

* It's also a bit of a roleplaying/realism stretch for him to be running at full speed around the corner, see and assess the situation half-way through, decide what to do, and get full MA all in the same turn. That's sort of irrelevant to the question, though.

* Also, the consideration of Arron's chances to hit Orc 3 while prone with a body are incorrect. The penalty to hit someone prone behind a body is -4 DX, not 50/50 to hit the body.

* Another quibble is the assertion that Orc 3's weapon will be on the ground after tripping. I don't remember such a rule in TFT. (In GURPS I have a house rule where only people who fail both a DX and an IQ roll drop their weapons when falling.)

* As for the actual question: Engagement prevents reloading of missile weapons. However since Arron's first shot knocked down the orc, that ended the engagement (even if the orc were still alive) immediately, and allows him to reload and fire a second shot.


I agree with Peter. This is exactly how I would have ruled it. =====
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