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(TFT) Melee + d20 = animalball Melee?


Anyone trying to make a D20 version of TFT or incorporate a melee-like
combat system into their D20 games might want to take a look at
Animalball Melee.  http://www.animalball.com/games.html (several games
are at this site).  The author describes it as an homage to Melee, using
stripped down D20 mechanics.  His goal was to capture the same feel as
the original.  It's a gladiatorial combat game on a hex map pitting
small groups against each other.  I haven't played it, but from the
rules it seems like it meets the designer's goals pretty well.  Some
- The main attributes are St, Dx, and move.  Hit points are derived from
ST with plusses for size.  Each race (lots to choose from) has starting
values for the attributes.  Then 6 points are divided between ST and DX.
- To Hit roll based on DX, but unlike TFT the target nummber is based on
the opponents DX.  It is a roll over system using D20.  Other dice are
used for weapon dmg.
- Armor stops hits and also adjusts DX and Movement.  Shields affect a
figures defensive value rather than taking hits.
- In a round figures take their move and action options together,
interruptable by attacks of opportunity.
- There are many combat related feats (some limited by race or size)
that affect the basic rules.
- Facing is not used, but teammates on opposite sides of a figure get
flanking bonusses.
- XP gained from combats can be used to increase stats or buy new feats.

Overall, it looks like a fun, fast-moving game.
  Steve Reinhardt

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