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Re: (TFT) fatigue and death

Gandalf's perhaps not the best example since he was not human and he did
actually use swords at times.

You could say that wounds need to equal ST to kill someone, but if wounds
+ fatigue add up to one less that ST, the figure falls unconscious. That
only alters the post-combat result (who survives) in most cases.

GURPS also adds a fourth health attribute, much as players here have done
in TFT, although even so, some GURPS characters use split statistics to
differentiate up to four different functions of TFT ST: damage-to-kill,
fatigue-to-exhaust, physical muscle power, and how healthy someone is,
since clearly it's possible to imagine a character where any of those
could be different from the others.

Also some house rules have magic (or psychic) systems where people expend
_mental_ fatigue (marked against IQ...) to exert psychic energy...

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